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  • VIX closed Friday at 22.05, down slightly on the week and the lowest level since the Spring.
  • Last week’s expected move in SPY +/- 1.2%
  • Last week’s actual move SPY: +0.7% 

The Week Ahead

One month expected move charts with this Friday’s bullish and bearish consensus highlighted, via Options AI technology. The expected move should be used to determine potential risk/reward in a stock as priced in the options market and then used for strike selection and strategy type on options trades.

This week’s expected move in SPY, via Options AI technology +/- 1.3%.

Earnings of Note This Week

First, a one month expected move comparison of companies reporting this week, via Options AI, with Walmart and Home Depot on the low end and Nvidia and Alibaba on the high end:


One month expected move charts with this Friday’s bullish/bearish consensus highlighted, via Options AI technology. Most recent earnings move (the following trading day, close and intraday) listed:

It’s interesting to see the much smaller expected moves of companies set to report towards the end of earnings season as opposed to what we saw a few weeks ago. That’s reflective of two things, the first is that overall market volatility is much lower now. And also these company’s expected moves are now isolating their own earnings as opposed to picking up the uncertainty of other companies and the overall market as more than 90% of the other companies have already reported, many of their peers included.

Tuesday 6:00am | The Home Depot (NYSE: HD) +/-3.1% | Last earnings close/intraday -3.0%/-3.1%

Tuesday 7:00am | Walmart (NYSE: WMT) +/-4.0% | Last earnings close/intraday -2.1%/+3.4%

Wednesday 6:30am | Target (NYSE: TGT) +/-5.1% | Last earnings close/intraday -2.9%/-3.2%

Wednesday 7:00am | Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW) +/-4.9% | Last earnings close/intraday +0.1%/+5.0%

Wednesday 4:20pm | NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) +/-6.1% | Last earnings close/intraday +2.9%/+3.6%

Thursday 7:10am | Alibaba (NASDAQ: BABA) +/-4.9% | Last earnings close/intraday -5.9%/-6.2%

Friday 6:45am | Deere (NYSE: DE) +/-3.9% | Last earnings close/intraday -1.5%/+3.92%

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