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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A record-breaking heat wave combined with thousands of lightning strikes has sparked several wildfires around the Bay Area.

Here’s what you need to know about the fires burning right now:

CZU August Fire/La Honda Fire

San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties
A fire spread Tuesday west of Skyline Boulevard in San Mateo County in an area where 200 to 300 people live. About 100 structures are threatened, according to CAL FIRE. The fires have been smoldering since they were presumably started by lightning strikes on Sunday, but really grew on Tuesday. Pescadero Creek, Memorial and Sam McDonald parks are all closed due to the fire, according to San Mateo County Parks.

  • Acres burned: 7,500
  • Containment: 0%

Evacuation orders in San Mateo County:

  • Butano Community Area
  • Community of Loma Mar
  • Dearborn Park
  • Pescadero Creek County Park
  • Butano State Park area including Barranca Knolls community
  • Butano Creek drainage area

Evacuation orders in Santa Cruz County:

  • Waterman Gap Loop
  • Upper 236
  • Boulder Creek Golf Course
  • Heartwood Hill
  • Lodge Road
  • Community of Little Basin
  • Lower China Grade
  • Upper China Grade
  • Community of Kings Hwy
  • Lower Jamison Creek
  • Gallion Heights
  • Fallen Leaf Neighborhood
  • Foxglove Lane
  • Last Chance
  • Big Basin State Park
  • Las Cumbres

Please evacuate SOUTH on HWY 236 (Big Basin Hwy) towards Boulder Creek, then access Hwy 9 SOUTH to Santa Cruz
All of Boulder Creek Fire Protection District has received a mandatory evacuation notice. (BOU1-BOU43)
Please do not head North on Hwy 235 or Hwy 9. Travel routes are either SOUTH on Hwy 9, or EAST on Bear Creek Road.

  • Saratoga Toll Road
  • San Lorenzo Park
  • Riverside Grove-Community of Teilh Drive
  • Wildwood Road
  • (Zones, BOU38, BOU39, BOU40, BOU41, BOU42, BOU43)

Please evacuate NORTH on HWY 9 to Santa Clara County

NAPA FIRES: Mandatory evacuations ordered near Hennessey Fire

LNU Lightning Complex Fires

Napa County
The Lightning Complex is made up of three large fires: Hennessey, Gamble and 15-10, which are all burning in Napa County. So far, three structures have been damaged and another 205 are threatened. See more on the size of the individual fires below.

15-10 Fire

The 15-10 Fire is burning near Putah Creek Bridge and Berryessa Knoxville Road, on the west side of Lake Berryessa between the Gamble and Hennessey fires.

  • Acres burned: 8,000
  • Containment: 0%

Spanish Fire

The Spanish Fire is burning near Spanish Flat.

  • Acres burned: 1,000
  • Containment: 0%

Markley Fire

The Markley Fire is burning near the Monticello Dam.

  • Acres burned: 2,500
  • Containment: 0%

Gamble Fire

The Gamble Fire is burning northeast of the Hennessey Fire (see below), near Lake Berryessa. It started Monday on Berryessa Knoxville Road west of Brooks.

  • Acres burned: 10,000
  • Containment: 0%

Hennessey Fire

The fire in Napa County broke out near Hennessey Ridge Road and Chiles Pope Valley Road, east of St Helena, Monday morning and began to spread quickly. “Crews are dealing with rugged terrain, adverse weather, and unfavorable fire conditions,” CAL Fire said in an update Monday. The area was hit by lightning Monday morning.

  • Acres burned: 10,000
  • Containment: 0%

Evacuation orders in Napa County:

  • Wragg Canyon Rd – from Hwy 128 to the end of the road, including Pleasure Cove Resort
  • Chiles Pope Valley Road – From Lower Chiles Valley Road to Pope Canyon Road
  • All of Berryessa Knoxville Road from the intersection with Highway 128 (southwest of Lake Berryessa) to the intersection with Eastside Road (northeast of the lake)
  • Everything immediately west of Lake Berryessa
  • Pope Canyon Road from Pope Valley Road to Berryessa Knoxville Road
  • From Moskowite Corner to Wooden Valley Road, including the community of Circle Oaks
  • Atlas Peak from the Bubbing Well Pet Cemetary at 2462 Atlas Peak Rd. to the dead end
  • From Loma Vista Drive and Soda Canyon Road to the dead end
  • Snell Valley Road from Butts Canyon Road to Spanish Valley Trail, including the Berryessa estates
  • Highway 128 from Lower Chiles Valley Road to Monticello Road
  • Highway 128 from Chiles Pope Valley Road to Lower Chiles Valley Road
  • Chiles Pope Valley Road from Highway 128 to Lower Chiles Valley Road
  • All of Hennessey Ridge Road

Evacuation warnings in Napa County:

  • Butts Canyon Road from the Lake County line to James Creek
  • Highway 128 at Silverado Trail to Chiles Pope Valley Road, including the Pritchard Hills Area
  • Highway 128 at Lower Chiles Valley Road to Turtle Rock

Road closures:

  • Highway 128
  • Sage Canyon Road
  • Chiles Pope Valley Road
  • Lower Chiles Valley Road

Austin Creek Fire/13-4 Fire

Sonoma County
A fire is burning near Venado in Sonoma County.

  • Acres burned: 500
  • Containment: 0%

Evacuation orders in Sonoma County:

  • North of Austin Creek Recreational Area
  • East of The Cedars
  • West of end of Mill Creek Road
  • South of Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Road
  • West of West Dry Creek Road and Westside Road
  • North of Sweetwater Springs Road and McCray Ridge Road
  • East of the East Austin Creek (the actual creek)

SCU Lightning Complex Fires

Twenty different fires across several counties are broken into three zones: Deer Zone, Calaveras Zone and Canyon Zone. They have burned 35,000 acres combined so far. The fires are burning in steep, dry areas, making it challenging for firefighters to attack them. Lightning is the suspected cause in many of the fires.

  • Acres burned: 35,000
  • Containment: 4%

Deer Zone Fires

Contra Costa County
Includes the Marsh Fire, Palm Fire, Round Fire and Briones Fire

Calaveras Zone Fires

Santa Clara, Alameda and Stanislaus counties
Includes the Kilkare Fire, Arroyo Fire, Mill Creek Fire, Welch Fire, Ohlone Fire and Reservoir Fire

Canyon Zone Fires

San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties
Includes the Peg Leg Fire, Terraville Fire, Del Puerto Fire and Peach Fire

Evacuation orders:

Alameda/Stanislaus County:

  • Frank Rains Park to Mines Road
  • Del Puerto Canyon Road 1 mile to Mines Road

Alameda County:

  • Welch Creek Road

Contra Costa County:

  • Marsh Creek Road at Round Valley to Morgan Territory
  • All of Morgan Territory and the mobile home park on Marsh Creek Road

Evacuation warnings:

Alameda County:

  • Mill Creek Road

Road closures:

  • Marsh Creek Road between Morgan Territory Road and Deer Valley Road
  • Del Puerto Canyon Road (SR-130) between Mines Road and Diablo Grande Parkway

Woodward Fire

Marin County
A fire broke out Tuesday afternoon in Point Reyes National Seashore adjacent to the Woodward Trail.

  • Acres burned: 700
  • Containment: 0%

Evacuation warnings:

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